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Feeding your community.

Thrushwood Farms has worked dilligently to develop the easiest to use fundraising program possible. Raising money is a snap with such tasty snacks as Thrushwood Farms Snack Sticks and Beef Jerky!

Who typically uses snack sticks as a fundraiser? FFA's, 4 H Clubs, Basketball Teams, Dance Studios, Club/Class Trips, Sports Teams, Church Organizations, Youth Groups, Football teams and anyone else who needs to do fundraising! Because Thrushwood Farms Snack Sticks are a low-cost/high-profit item, it’s an ideal choice for getting your organization to its goals.

Orders on your scale.

We know that as a local organization, you need fundraisers to work at the same scale you do. That means we offer free shipping on all products, with a small minimum order size—just one case of delicious snacks—so that you’re not paying for what you don't need. We take orders by phone, fax, email, or through our online order form—whatever’s easiest for you. Each tasty snack stick costs you only 55¢, while our popular beef jerky is only 65¢, so it’s easy to raise extra cents.

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Free shipping
We offer free shipping on all our products! 
Order your way
Phone: 309-343-5193
Fax: 309-343-1531
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Low cost, high profit
Minimum order size is just ONE CASE.
Snack sticks: 55¢ ea.
Beef jerky: 65¢ ea.